High Performance Computing

The Center for Neuroscience recently purchased four servers in Crick Cluster which can be used by anyone in the CNS.  The Crick Cluster is a shared linux cluster between  Microbiology & Mollecular Genetics, Mollecular and Cellular Biology, Biomath and now the Center for Neuroscience. The cluster currently is made up of nineteen standard nodes and two big memory nodes.   

For details on how to get setup with an account send an email to cns-support@ucdavis.edu

Cluster Specs

CNS Nodes - 4 servers each with 16 cores, 64GB RAM and a 1TB scratch disk 

Other Notes - 15 server each with 12 cores, 64GB RAM and a 1TB scratch disk 

Big Mem Nodes - 2 servers each with 32 Cores and 512GB RAM and a 1TB scratch disk

All nodes are connected using a fast Infiniband network 

The CNS currently has 28TB of shared storage space but labs have the option to purchase dedicated storage if needed

CNS does not have any priority access on the Big Mem nodes so you should keep your jobs sized to run on the standard nodes.